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“I am constantly looking, drawing, painting. I don’t ever remain in a standstill. I love to be involved in the creative process,” comments Mark the body of his work. Mixed media artist and Mercer Island native, Mark Berry is on a mission to share his creative talent with the world. Born in Seattle and raised on Mercer Island, Mark brings to the table his lessons learned in youth to realization in his work today. Mark showcases a broad range of media, employing photography, film-making, video, and painting in his work, frequently combining them.

At a young age, Mark began entering his work in shows, exhibitions, and competitions, which he believes pushed him forward into the arena he stands in today as an artist. One of his favorite teachers encouraged him to practice and practice — good advice that has remained with him through the many years of his work.”

For information on purchasing Mark’s Photography or Multimedia work, please visit or simply call (509) 929-0334.



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